Today’s theme of my game journalist series is certainly not a comfortable one, but it’s a necessary one. All the more so since I have recently held numerous conversations with colleagues about life in self-employment and discovered that “freedom” is almost all one thing we are afraid of. Far too much fear.

By Benedikt Plass-Fleßenkämper

Of course, being self-employed is a privilege, and it has some advantages. But you always have to be aware of it. But that is not the point here and now; The beautiful pages of Freelancertums I will devote myself in a future blog entry detail.

We are all scared

Back to the fright, which especially haunts those who have taken the risky career of a game journalist. Since you do not even have to look at the current IVW figures of the magazines, to know that there are certainly more crisis-proof jobs. But other freelancers such as graphic artists, translators or editors are also familiar with the system of fear. And not only the self-employed know the everyday fear of being suddenly out of nowhere. In times when small and large companies save, rationalize, and sort out losses without taking (human) losses into account to maximize their profits to the last penny, no one can be sure that he will be up to date with his current job pensionable pension.

In addition, the games industry and the media industry in particular are experiencing constant ups and downs, with the gaming -affine press landscape in particular finding it more difficult than ever before. I do not have to list any examples now; Unfortunately, the graveyard of the game magazines is getting fuller.