I watched the video and it was totally awesome! I recommend you all download it. To do this, you have to register at nrk.no. Click on this link and click on “NY BRUKER” somewhere left at the top. Here is a wordlist of the words that appear on the registration form:

Fornavn = First name
Etternavn = Family name
Brukernavn = User ID
Passord = Password
Gjenta passord = Repeat password
E-post = E-mail

Don’t forget to deselect the “Ja takk, send meg siste nyheter fra NRK på e-post”. It means you’ll receive their newsletter via e-mail.
For further need of translation, visit this translator.

When you’ve registered, click here and click on “Nerd 16.05.04” and you’re off! Well, at least after you’ve gone one hour and twenty minutes forward, because that’s when the Dreamfall interview starts.

I’m very sorry for this… It appears the last link I gave you guys doesn’t lead to the video in any way. So here’s how to get to where I thought it would lead to:
-Go to http://www.nrk.no
-Click on “NETT-TV” in the menu at the left and a window pops up with a search bar at the left bottom
-Search for Nerd
-Click on the folder named “Nerd”
-Click on “Nerd 16.05.04”
-Login with the user ID and the password you used when registering